Experience The T5 True Wireless Earbuds by Klipsch

UD audio brand KLIPSCH unveiled a slew of new devices at early this year’s CES show in LA, the entire of which should excite fans of the company and newcomers alike. 

First and foremost, the firm is looking to expand its earphone line with a slew of compelling latest in-ear options. It’ll add 4 new headphones in what it calls T5 range, including firm’s first pair of True wireless earbuds (named the T-5 True Wireless). 

We’ve extremely small detail of the performance specs (driver size, type, and battery life), in the latest wireless in-ear but we can say that they look to be very exceptional. They come in a sleek silver container that resembles classic flip-top Zippo leather. The firm says the entire four new earphones models will be avail this spring, with worth ranging from 59 USD to 199 USD. 

The brand also announced some exciting sound bars, 5 in total, that are aimed at bringing amazin 

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