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Enjoy the Silence at The Spas At Mandarin Oriental on December 12, 2018

Hardly, there is anyone, who does not like a gentle massage in comfort of a quality spa. Rather, it is actually what most of us strive for, after a strenuous and hectic work schedule. But, the Mandarin Oriental Hotels have come up with an innovative plan for a more relaxing and refreshing session at their spa. From 12th December, the whole environment of the spa will subject to a dramatic change. There will be no music, no talking, what will be there are peace and complete silence. All the consultations and conversations will be done before the session begins right after 5 pm.

As a matter of fact, they are also suggesting the guests bring someone with them, they love. Spending quality times in comfort and leisure along with the warm company of the near and dear ones will definitely make you feel good. Mandarin authorities are also inspiring them to get them completely disconnected from the electronic media.

To be honest, excessive exposure to mobile phones, social networking sites is subconsciously causing an anxiety and stress among us. As per the advertisement, the complete package has been termed as Digital Wellness initiative. However, there is another version called Digital Wellness Escape is available too, which will provide an 80 minutes long session.

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