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Emory Motorsports Designed a Perfect Porsche 356 for John Oates

Currently, there is a craze among car-lovers for a new genre of vehicles, that is the refurbished and retuned edition of vintage car models. Like all the leading car makers, Emory Motorsports have come forward to this business segment, as they have unveiled a new edition of classic Porsche 356. Another remarkable news is that John Oates, the famous personality from the band Hall and Oates have requested them to fabricate a Porsche 356 for his personal use. This news has created a buzz in the automotive market, showing that the popularity of the 80s band Hall and Oates has not faded that much.

Most notably, the makers have renamed the limited edition refurbished vintage car as 1960 356B Cabriolet. The duo Hall and Oates have sold 40 million records till date which is still highest in the Music Industry, and critics are also expecting the combination of Emory Motorsports and John to be a great hit as well. As the center of attraction, the car features an all-new Emory Rothsport make “Outlaw -4” engine infusing supreme power to the vehicle. Moreover, the 3.6-litre twin plug ignition, dry sump architectures makes the car stands among the contemporary supercars. As the cherry on the top, pure leather coated interiors create an unmatched look and feel.

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