Discover The Alchemist’s Garden Collection By Gucci

Recently Gucci launched the Alchemist’s Garden range that consists of 7 EAUS de PERFUM, 4 perfumed oils, 3 AQUE PERFUMATE, and 1 scented candle. The jars are styled on curious pharmacy bottles and the primary perfumery jars seen in very old apothecaries, while the smell inside was made by well-known Alessandro and Master Perfumer Alberto. And the creative director also developed the STOPPERED forms with gold lettering and whimsical animal signs. 

Any of 7 EAUS de PERFUM features 1 of floral ingredients, amber, violet, rose, OUT, woods, mimosa, and iris. The perfumes are homed in a decorative porcelain jar, with exceptional illustration and evocative names. 

The feminine a song for Rose features notes of smooth rose with woods and musk. Names for the snake’s motion in the forest, the voice of the snake, is developed with notes of leather, saffron with patchouli. 

The eye of the tiger, feature notes of TONKA, CISTE resin and vanilla while the Virgin Violet embodies a while color swan with notes of vanilla and violet. The Last day of summer, captivates with cypress and cedar woods scents, tears of iris’s are the enormous inspiration of the iris rose and winter’s spring reflects the pleasure of the end winter in the shiny powdery mimosa flower mixed with musk and paper. 

Revealing the home’s pink rose to paint, Arque Perfumate jars are created from white lacquered glass, any celebrating one note in modern compositions. Fading autumn has a smell of bois modern; a Smooth winter melody features a note of Moonlight Serenade and cypress lavender. 

Perfumed hold contains in sage green colored lacquered glass jars decorated with a touchy Oreille. Glass pipette shape applicator is a vintage method to use the scents blended with older raw contents: OUD in Nocturnal Reverie, Rose in Forgotten Rose, Bios in Modern and Violet in the Violet Kiss in odeon Melancholy. 


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