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Chef Thomas Keller’s Latest Chocolate Endeavor Is Really Good for You

This Chocolate Is Truly Excellent for You ǀ Chef Thomas Keller’s newest endeavor melts jointly mindful sustainability, eating, and lots of antioxidants. Blood-pressure normalizer, Prescription-free mood enhancer, post-lunch pick-me-up – Chocolate’s virtue’s are several. What more could this manna perhaps do?

It is a question that led Thomas Keller, the Michelin-starred cookery behind the French Laundry and Per Se, K + M Extra virgin Chocolate, now available for your snacking enjoyment. Keller joined Army with Manni, an Italian olive oil pioneer, to make a first-of-its-type chocolate company. Combining sustainable practices, health advantages, and—most prominently—outstanding flavor, K+M is a lot more than just a sweet treat. It is the vanguard for a fresh world of cocoa.

The French Laundry’s Chef Keller is to American cookery what Tuscany’s Manni is to great-antioxidant, additional-virgin olive oils. Jointly they spent the last 5 years on a new mission: developing the planet’s fine-quality chocolate while retaining the major health advantages of cocoa beans and olive oil.

K+M Chocolate sources the premium cocoa beans, processing them in an exclusive way to protect the antioxidants usually lost in the chocolate-making procedure, then adding a small quantity of Manni heart-healthy additional-virgin olive oil for a further increase of antioxidants. K+M’s Madagascar blend – remarkably fruity and smooth, with a clean finish and a bright acidity – is perfect for chocolate aficionados or any person who appreciates an enormous chocolate bar that is also great for you.

It’s a major challenge. They are 2 ingredients that do not naturally fit: cocoa is solid and oil is liquid,” give details Chi Bui, K+M’s chief chocolatier. But the main challenge has its pay off: “The antioxidants in olive oil and chocolate are diff. it has flavanols, where virgin olive oil has polyphenols. The polyphenols make a synergy with chocolate’s flavanols that creates the antioxidants a bit more available to your body.” And, on a more immediately gratifying level, the oil lends this a rich, velvety touch that feels decadent without cloying.

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