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Bugatti Divo Is the Chiron’s More Nimble Sibling

Consequently, the Bugatti is a famous automobile company from 1909, which has a several automobile sport series models are at the top of all cars. The renowned footballer Christiano Ronaldo has several models of the company. The first high-end model from the Bugatti was the Veyron, and then comes the model the Chiron with high supercharging effect. Now it has rolled out a new sports model with high-end specifications, that name is the Bugatti Divo.

According to its specifications, it has a 1500 HP motor which takes a flying jet speed and power in the car. The car takes 0-62 mph in 2.4 sec. There is a 16 cylinder petrol engine with 1180 ft lbs of engine torque. There are also seven shift automatic gear transmissions in steering hand for easy shifting. There are uses of dual clutch transmission for fast shifting. In this car, there is a triple airbag for safety purposes, and the weight has become less for better lifting. For this, the weight of body and insulation in alloy wheels are made in the sense of light.

Furthermore, as per Stephan Winkelman, who is the president of Bugatti Motor Corporation, has expressed that this model will be a high-end model in 2018, and its specifications will be top class. They are also trying to innovate cars through artificial intelligence. The model comes in market with the sky and ocean blue in color. Its price is 5.8 million dollars without consumers wish interiors.

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