B&O Debuts New Beoplay E8 2.0 with Wireless Charging Case

Bang and Olufsen make pretty sweet top end audio devices, including a few of the best-reviewed “truly wireless” earphones available currently, but if you thought Apple’s Air pods were too expensive, wait until you hear how much this new fancy Beoplay E8 2.0 are set to cost.   

As the name suggests, these pursue in the footsteps of the primary-generation Beoplay E8, that carries a recommended retail cost of $299.99 USD, although finest buy presently charges just 213.99 USD. That remains whooping over 50 bucks or so more than the field leader Air pods, whiles this E8 2.0 will fetch 350 USD starting Feb, 14th.   


The cost hike compared to the actual model does not appear to come with reshape or internal update of the real air buds. In its place, it is the include charging case which gets a bump in abilities, gaining 4 hours of juice.   

All in all, you can get sixteen hours of listening time from the BEOPLAY E8 2.0 with 4 hours of energy offered by the earphones and 3 more complete charges provided by the enhanced case up from 2 on the existing BEOPLAY E8 2.0.


 More importantly, this case supports wireless charging that is something Apple’s Air pods cannot do, just yet. The standard port of USD is also changed with Type C port if you’ve a thing for wires, but otherwise, these top class wireless earphones look to have a gone unchanged.   

Holders of the BEOPLAY E8 1.0 should be very happy to hear the wireless charging container will be available on its one as-well for a very high 200 USD, with a no doubt extravagant wireless charging pad providing up to ten W speeds also coming in April 2019 at an unspecified cost. 

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