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Bentley Introduces Advanced Connectivity WiFi System

As always, the luxury car makers Bentley has come up with a new surprise in the entertainment segment this year. According to the sources, all the premium cars of this British brand will be equipped with the fastest intra-car WiFi service from 2019. The technological experts from the house of Bentley have successfully designed a state-of-the-art bespoke router, which can be installed in the boot of the cars comfortably. The secret of the tremendous internet speed lies in the compatibility of this router with three different SIM cards of super fast internet speed.

On behalf of the organization, the product manager Hamid Qureshi has confirmed the successful test results of all the equipment and this new technology is ready to be launched. To explain the capabilities, He has cited that one passenger can do HD video streaming on an iPad, one can make a video call on Skype, and the other can download heavy data right in the hard disk. And the most amazing thing is all these tasks can be performed simultaneously inside the car, which is moving at a speed of 110 Kph.

However, they have not forgotten to focus on the security aspects of this wireless technology AD they want to make this facility a full-proof one. In fact, the entire supercar market is waiting eagerly for the unveiling of the first edition of superfast in-car WiFi equipped car from Bentley.

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