Bentley & Breitling Renew Their Trail-blazing Partnership of 15 Years


Bentley is pleased to announce the renovate of its long-standing joint venture with BREITLING, which will see a recent generation of watches which joint purpose with exclusive style, dedicated to each day elegance. In 2003, became the very first watch creator entrusted to make an onboard watch for flagship model of Bentley, the Continental GT.

Adrian Hallmark, who was board members for marketing and sales for Bentley, when his brand signed the contract with BREITLING, is today the CEO of Bentley Motors. He stated:

“The long-standing partnership among Bentley and BREITLING is a shining instance of how, when 2 like-minded brands work jointly in a real way, the performance of both is improved. “As we loom our centenary year, we’ll certainly be celebrating our past, but, more significantly, we’ll be looking toward the upcoming with a passion for novelty. It provides me enormous confidence to move forward with collaborators like BREITLING who share our pledge to technological brilliance, professional craftsmanship, and a pioneering spirit.”

The joint venture will see BREITLING integrating extraordinary Bentley editions into its core creation offering rather than in a split BREITLING for Bentley range. The initial of these surprising watches is the Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley UK Racing Green. Backed by BREITLING’s flagship Manufacture Caliber 01 in-house motorized movement, which is evident via a unique crystal clear case back with a metalized Bentley logo, the watch has an extraordinary 70-hour power reserve.

These watches also have an engraved platter with a “Bentley” dedication. The inspiration for the style of the plate was taken from the dashboard of the significant supercharged 1929 “Blower” Bentley.

The timepiece is distinguished by its striking UK racing green dial and is available with an option of a British racing green leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet that matches the dial. Contrasting subdials are placed at three and nine o’clock and a date window is situated at six o’clock.

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