Bentley and graf von faber- castell team up to launch an exclusive line of luxury writing instruments


Consequently, BENTLEY is a well-known automobile company which is not only famous for its beast-like cars but also the company has a unique design of all machinery equipment. The FABER-CASTELL is also well known for its pencils, graphite charcoals in drawing and also pens for smooth and masterpiece handwriting and drawing.

Now both of the companies have launched a limited edition pen as writing instruments. The pen consists the design of these two companies which are in collaboration. The pens have a smooth butter ink technology to make the artistic view of machinery equipment. These are specially used for short term-design, crafts and also the passion for expenses in writing.

Moreover, there are three beautiful bonnets like colors. Those are the Tungsten Grey, Sequin Dark Blue, and White. There are also three types of design. Those are the Fountain pens, Roller-ball pens, and also Ball-point pens. The pen cap is machined through the Knurling process that is used to surface finish in luxury cars. The diamond pattern can be found on the nib or the outer side of the pen. The design is found on the shafts of the cars. The front and corner sides are extremely polished and also surface finished. From 1st September 2018, the pen is available in the market.

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