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Belstaff X McLaren Collection of Luxury Clothing

McLaren Automotive has unveiled with UK brand BELSTAFF, on a capsule clothing range for boys and girls. The range, specially designed for behind the wheel and beyond the vehicle, is out now through McLaren retailers, in BELSTAFF shops and online at their official site.

The creative experts at BELSTAFF and McLaren have worked hand-in-hand on a range of clothing bearing the hall marks of their respective worlds. All cost in the range puts BELSTAFF’s top-end skills and professional to work while also embracing the automotive developer’s DNA.

From the finishes to the fabric, each aspect of this range is designed to make sure driver comfort and complete freedom of motion, with breathable, stretch and water-resistant fabrics, padded shoulders, laser cut seams, minimal necklines, and micro-pockets.

The BELSTAFF X McLaren range represents the real distillation of what you need, created elegantly. There’s no excess. All is there for the main reason. This an element of the McLaren DNA but it’s also in BELSTAFF DNA and working BELSTAFF on the range has been meeting of like minds. Using McLaren laws to diff items and watching them come to life has been enthralling, stated McLaren design director, Rob Melville.
The 2 brands have created ten men’s outerwear and the 2 lady’s items. Highlights include diff jackets in a range of materials, plus shirting and suiting options and longer coat.

BELSTAFF X McLaren range is not now in shops and online in EU and America. It rolls out to Asia early in 2019 – As you would imagine none of the items comes cheap. Pricing begins at 209 USD for base layer merino wool top, boost to 588 USD for the Lightweight Hero Driving jacket and the top out at 1563 USD for the Super Hybrid Leather Driving Jacket.

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