Audi’s drop dead gorgeous e-Tron concept is full electric and it goes from 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds


Last year, well-known car manufacturer company Audi gave a first look at its EV E-Tron Sport back concept car and for the 2018 Loss Angeles Car show, the super luxury German automaker launched one more new electric car with E-Tron GT program.

The sleek sedan is fully powered by a 590 brake horsepower motor, able of reaching 62 MPH in less than 3.6 seconds, and the car’s streamlined profile with amazing broad lines and distinct parts across body offer aerodynamic advantages to eliminate fuel consumption while emphasizing the aesthetically pleasing advanced design.

The high speed is clocked at over 149 MPH to maximize the range that Audi claimed for the idea car would be over 250 miles, and in an official press statement, the firm added, one feature that not entire completion can match is the choice of completely utilizing the car’s acceleration potential many times in succession.

The car concept is equipped with a 90 kW hour lithium-ion battery can be speedily charged by using a cable or wireless induction. The cable option uses Audi’s 800-v electrical architecture that’ll rapidly be charged the battery to 80% in just twenty minutes as-well-as support open charging spots with lower voltages!

For wireless Car wireless charging the procedure is much slower with a complete charge to be reached overnight. The wireless charging feature is achieved through a pad with coin fitted on the floor where the vehicle is parked. A magnetic field is then founded among that and one more coil in the vehicle to activate the charging device.

And Audi didn’t reveal the official cost of this model concept, but the EV is slated to arrive at dealerships in late 2020.

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