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At $785,000 this is officially the worlds most expensive bottle of wine

Finally, the French Burgundy set a new world record for being the most expensive wine in the world. The featured bottle dates back to 1945, fetching a huge sum of $5,58,000 in an auction in New York. According to Sotheby’s, they have estimated the price of that vintage bottle to be around $32,000. Unexpectedly, they succeeded to pull out seventeen times more out of it.

Definitely, this proves the previous theories of diminishing demand for expensive wines due to turbulence in the world economy to be wrong. It shows that people are ready to spend even half a million bucks for their beloved bottle of wine. Only 600 bottles of this limited edition Romanee-Conti wine was produced 73 years ago, making it one of the rarest wine of the world. A few days later, another bottle of the same series got sold for a whopping $4,96,000. The previous record of most valuable wine was held By Sotheby’s as well when they sold a three-liter bottle of Mouton-Rothschild 1945 in 2007 for $3,10,000. The Sotheby’s head Jamie Ritchie found pretty optimistic for the current trend of collecting vintage wines. However, wine fanatics from China have an important role for such an uprising of the prices of wine, which is in contrast to their slowing down economy.

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