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Aston Martin Unveiled a Collection of 24 ‘DBS 59’ Special Editions

2019 marks sixty years since Aston Martin finished 1st and 2nd at the Le Mans 24hrs when the DBR1s of Carroll Shelby/Roy SALVADORI and Paul Frere/Maurice beat works Porsches and Ferraris to the primary 2 steps of the podium.

Aston Martin believers and quite perfectly so, that this is something value celebrating. So say a big hello to the DBS 59 – collection of special revenues by Aston Cambridge, fulfilled by the firm’s Q division, that pay homage to the DBR1 and it’s storied succeed.

Only 5 DBR1s were built among 56-59 (in 2017 one turn out to be the most luxurious UK made car ever sold. When it created £17.5 Million GBP at a sale in Monetary). The Homepage DBS would not be quite as rare, although, Aston Martin is developing twenty-four (not, as we suspected, 59), each one with special trim highly inspired by the DBR1. The unique white roundel on the side of the vehicle provides its number.

The paintwork is Aston Martin exceptional racing Green, naturally, with information in Bronze and Carbon fiber. Meanwhile, the inner design is trimmed in tan and black leather, plus patterned fabric like the one applied in actual DBR1 is back in the 50s. Custom made Helmet Pods hold some Special race suits crash helmets and gloves designed to seem like the ones worn by Carroll Shelby for his win, and of course, all is considered with DBS 58 incredible logos.

The marketing director and vice president of Aston Martin, Simon Sproule, said: “When Aston Cambridge expressed its wish to make a limited range of DBS Superleggeras inspired by the well-known Le Mans success of DBR1, we know it had to be something extraordinary.” The smooth metallic touch of the Racing Green paint is stylish and timelessly gorgeous, the level of thought and feature is outstanding, my most favorite part in the ‘DBS 59’ are the seat-backs that mark fabrics inspired by the DBR1 seat material, but there’re countless touches that intrigue and pleasure. “

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