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Arkup Livable Yacht Is a Reality

Certainly, having a joyful ride in a royal yacht is everybody’s dream, but here is a grand surprise from the house of Arkup. This leading homemaker has announced that they are going to unveil a 75 ft sized luxury yacht which is as livable as a deluxe suite. This premium vessel is one of its kind yachts, which self-sufficient and independent. In fact, the central attraction of the ‘Fort-Lauderdale International Boat Show’ of this is year has been this recent unveiling from the house of Arkup. Let us get to know some facts about it.

Firstly, the yacht cum house does not require any external power source. Rather, the entire apartment is run by hi-tech solar panels fitted on the roof. Interestingly, these solar cells are not only capable of empowering the air-conditioners, lights but also can sail it for 20 miles at one go. This luxury yacht has its own sewage treatment system as well. Even this premium aquatic apartment has its unique indigenous water management system, which is governed by harvesting rainwater followed by purification and distribution throughout every corner of the facility.

When it comes to safety features, the boat can withstand extreme weather conditions as severe as a 155 mph storm. Moreover, it is equipped with four adjustable spuds for anchoring it in shallow water and elevate it at the desired height from the ground level.

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