A fragrance so exclusive that it is available only to verified influencers


Especially, in this modern world where the social network influence’s on every decision, if you are not on the game then you are not part of the society. The modern net-gen thinks that way. And having your profile verified in any social network or a blue tick in your profile, – means you have to be someone special in this society. For them or the important persons, the famous Xyrena takes one step farther to appreciate them for sure.

As a result, the Xyrena, a fragrance house just launched a product called-. “Verified: The Sweet Smell of Validation,” The product categorize influencers or celebrities from billions of wannabes or normal peoples. The procedure for buying this fragrance is almost un-persistent. In this process a Xyrena employee has to vet your handles, after that if you are worthy, they approve the purchase. But the catch is- it’s limited of one per customer, meaning you can only buy this one fragrance, not more.

Meanwhile, the perfume “Verified” smells like an exclusive world-class aroma should be. This fragrance is a tribute to very few influencers who literally rule the Internet with their leadership & other impactful speech or act. This unisex scent is designed by pulling notes from popular dominant aromas from past generations: grapefruit, sandalwood, white musk, & crisp watermelon.

Certainly, if you want to buy this very special perfume, you should try to get verified in the social network; but if you are verified one, then you are the luckiest person to take a snap with and post that in the social network.

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